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By the Grace of GOD A.P.S. is First Organization of its Kind in Pakistan. A.P.S. is always remained first in Providing the Valuable Services for Our Beloved Country.
Some Facts are Listed Below :
  • A.P.S. is the First Govt. Registered NGO, having More then 2000 Members till Dec.2011 Throughout Pakistan.
  • A.P.S. is the First Organisation Which Successfully Organized National and International Seminars and Congresses on Health Science With Record Gathering of Health Professionals.
  • A.P.S. First Time in Pakistan Raised Slogan "UNITY IN HEALTH" by Assembling All the Health Professionals From Different Faculties of Medical and Health Sciences on One Platform.
  • A.P.S. First of all Introduced and Implemented WHO Syllabus, Rules and Regulations Regarding Acupuncture Training and Practice in Pakistan.
  • A.P.S. Lounged the First Acupuncture Journal "The ACUPUNCTURE WORLD" in Pakistan.
  • A.P.S. First Time in History of Pakistan celebrated Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine (AOM ) Day in 2002 , and joined hands with Canada , Gernany , USA and other Developed Countries of the World. The continueuty of AOM Day celebration in Pakistan till 2012 , is a BIG HONOUR of APS.
  • A.P.S. First Time in Pakistan , introduced one year Diploma Programme in Collaboration with Skill Development Council , Govt. of Pakistan , through Baihui Ideal Acupuncture Institute Lahore.This Diploma in Acupuncture & Related Techniques is being duly Attested by The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Embassy concerned , hence accepted Worldwide.
  • A.P.S. First Time in Pakistan is Compiling Acupuncture Directory WHO is WHO.
  • A.P.S. First Time in Pakistan Got the Decision From the Provincial Ombudsman in Favour of Establishment of Acupuncture Deptt. In Govt. Hospitals.
  • A.P.S. First Time Moved a Resolution to the Federal Govt. (Ministry of Health) for the Recognition of Acupuncture.
  • A.P.S. Conducted Seminars and Workshops to Impart Sex Education to Promote Reproductive Health and Overall to Improve Health Conditions for the General Public.
  • A.P.S. Introduced Role of Acupuncture in Psychiatric Disorders and Broadened the Scope of Acupuncture in Mental Psychological Disorder.


  1. Exclusive training of health sciences to the women.
  2. Welfare projects for women
  3. Educational projects.