Faculty Overseas Secretaries Senior Executives Executives APS Women Wing Executive Council (W.W)


  1. Free ACUPUNCTURE , Physiotherapy , Cupping and other Alternative Treatment Facilities for poor Patients.

  2. Free participation in ACUPUNCTURE , Alternative Medicine ,Health Sciences Congresses & Seminars held Worldwide.

  3. Organise Refresher Courses for TCAM Practitioners

  4. Refresher Courses for Acupuncturists.

  5. First Aid, Basic Health Services Courses for Youngsters.

  6. Home Services of Treatment at Nominal Charges for Handicapped and Disabled Patients.

  7. Treatment of Drug Addicted People.

  8. Welfare Work for Women to Ensure Reproductive Health.

  9. Sex Education Awareness Services.

  10. Publication of Monthly Journal THE ACUPUNCTURE WORLD for up-dating the Health Sciences Acheivements.


  1. Sex Education and Welfare Project for Youngsters.
  2. Reproductive Health Project for the Couples.
  3. Health and Fitness Awareness for General Public.
  4. Treatment and Welfare for Drug Addicts.